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    Cross-cutting machine manufacturer's product model and type description

    Cross-cut machine manufacturer's product type and type introduction, cross-cutting machine is one of the important single machine of corrugated cardboard production line。 Manufacturers in order to meet the needs of all walks of life, will produce different specifications and types of products, but now technology-driven products continue to transform, many of the needs of customers can be met, but the price of the product because the manufacturers of raw materials used, the production process is different , Which is also different。

    Cross-cutting machine matters needing attention

    一、Use high-quality slitting knife and cross cutter。

    二、Improve the technical quality and level of the operator, for the control part of the operation to be responsible for the person without permission, no one shall not operate their own。

    三、To do a good job of maintenance and repair work。

    First of all, routine maintenance should be in place, the principle is that lubrication, cleaning, cleaning (dust-free, debris-free) in place to ensure that the sliding parts of equipment in good condition。

    Secondly, it is maintenance work, and the rotating parts should be inspected regularly and irregularly (especially for wearing parts to be monitored in real time). Implement regular adjustment, regular replacement, and make a detailed record, in order to achieve the purpose of extending the service life of equipment. On the electrical part of the regular cleaning and inspection, and eliminate hidden dangers。

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