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    Computer-controlled cross-cutting machine what are the advantages?

    Computer-controlled cross-cutting machine what are the advantages? Cross-cutting machine due to different transmission control, mechanical cutting machine and computer-controlled cross-cutting machine. Computer cross-cutting machine is controlled by the industrial computer control, according to the set length, cutting knife control the operation of cutting cardboard, coupled with precision mechanical parts of the transmission, cutting error can be controlled within ± 1mm. Computer controlled crosscutting machine has a spiral knife crosscutting machine, straight knife crosscutting machine. Helical knife cross-cutting machine is more suitable for high-speed cutting thick cardboard, and cut a smooth, long blade life.

    Computer-controlled crosscutting machine gears are made of high-quality refined steel。 Transmission stable, low noise, long life。 Computer-controlled cross-cutter knife structure advanced。 Convenient knife adjustment, spindle balance by static torque, smooth operation。 Computer-controlled crosscutting machine transmission mechanism lubricated pump circulation lubrication。 Computer-controlled cross-cutting machine using Taiwan, Germany, a new generation of computer systems, high performance, trouble-free operation of the longer import blades, domestic blades, the user optional。 For three, five, seven corrugated board production lines。

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