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    Computer cross-cutting machine safe operating procedures

    一、working principle

    The paperboard enters the cross section under the action of the front paper feed roller, and the length fed into it is calculated by the speed test roller。 The knife roller motor cuts the paperboard to a set length, and the cut paperboard is conveyed to the next line by the rear paper feeding roller Process

    二、 Precautions

    1)Machine operation must be carried out by professionally trained personnel;

    2)The operator must attach great importance to the hazard warning signs on the machine;

    3)Do not allow personnel to enter the interior of the rack;

    4-----Prevent getting involved in danger!

    5)Operators must wear standard workwear (long sleeves, trousers), no slippers, no long hair; 6----Prevent falling and getting involved in danger!

    7)Un-trained personnel not involved in the operation of the machine may not enter the working range of 1m from the machine;

    8-----Prevent the risk of accidental injury!

    三、Operating procedures

    Boot:When starting production, follow the procedure below to turn on the machine。

    1)Close the local power main gate。

    2)Turn the power key switch knob on the console to "ON" to turn on the control power。

    3)Start the instrument system。

    4)Button 7 on the console panel to select the mode of operation。

    5Have respectively press the button on the console panel5

    6)In the host computer system and man-machine interface, enter the number of orders, cutting length and other parameters。

    7)When the arrival of cardboard machine into the official working condition。

          Shut down:To stop production, follow the procedure below to shut down。

    1Have respectively press the button on the console panel6.

    2)Turn the power key switch knob on the console to "OFF" to disconnect the control power。

    3)Close the host computer system。

    4)Disconnect the local power main gate。

    Emergency stop: emergency stop button In the console panel, in the event of an emergency, to quickly press the emergency stop button, the machine terminated the operation. (Control actuator all the power is off, the power of the fault still exists)

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