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    HQJ-C series of automatic finishing intelligent cross-cutting machine
    Product category Cross-cutting machine
    产品名称: HQJ-C series of automatic finishing intelligent cross-cutting machine

    HQJ-A automatic high-speed intelligent cutting machine

    HQJ-D series automatic finishing intelligent cross-cutting machine

    product manual


    The scope of application

      This machine is suitable for all kinds of paper。 Zhisu composite。 Color composite, self-adhesive。 Non-woven fabrics。 Film and other large reel truncation。 Widely used in paper products processing industry。 Printing and packaging industries

    Performance and features

       1.With the continuous development and competition of the paper processing industry and the printing industry, the web material cross-cutting is one of the indispensable equipment for the paper industry and the printing and packaging industry

       2。The use of electronic components in Europe and the United States and Japan, the more flexible application of intelligent control, so that machinery is simple, easy maintenance, but also to ensure that the machinery in the high-speed operation to maintain the cutting accuracy and mechanical stability

       3.By all countries paper products processing industry and printing and packaging industry users alike


    The main technical parameters:

    Model  HQJ-1100C  HQJ1300C  HQJ1600C 
    Maximum cutting width  1050mm  1250mm  1550mm 
    Maximum unwinding diameter   ∅1400mm ∅ 1400mm ∅ 1400mm
    Cut length  300-1100mm  300-1100mm  300-1100mm 
    Cut speed  ≤ 200times/min ≤200 times/min  ≤200times/min
    Cut accuracy  ± 0.2mm ± 0.2mm ± 0.2mm
    Paper range   80-500g 80-500g  80-500g 
    Stacking height  750mm  750mm  750mm 
    Total power  5.0kw  6.5kw  8.5 kw
    Operating Voltage  380v  380v  380v 
    weight  4000kg  5000kg  6000kg 
    Dimensions  5200×2000×1750 mm 5200×2000×1850mm  5200×2000×2100mm 

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