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    HJ-B series of high-speed wallpaper paper winder
    Product category Winder
    产品名称: HJ-B series of high-speed wallpaper paper winder

    HQJ-D series automatic finishing intelligent cross-cutting machine

    HJ-A series of automatic wallpaper paper winder

    Product manual


    The scope of application:

    Change the machine is mainly used for a variety of gift paper. Color printing paper. Waterproofing materials and other decorative materials rewinding。

    Use and characteristics:

      1.The machine uses servo fixed-length feeding, to maintain accuracy at high speed。

      2.Set the number of meters automatically shut down automatically cut off。

      3.Close. Unwinding tension automatic PLC control。

      4.Pneumatic automatic feeding, rolling automatic gas, unwinding use of inflatable shaft。

    The main technical parameters


    Model  FJ-800B  FJ-1100B  FJ1300D 
    Raw material maximum diameter  ∅ 1400mm ∅ 1400mm ∅ 1400mm
    Finished the largest diameter   ∅250mm ∅ 250mm ∅ 250mm
    Maximum rewinding width  800mm  1100mm  1300mm 
    Winder speed  10-200m/min  10-200m/min  10-200m/min 
    Fixed-length accuracy   ±0.5mm  ±0.5mm ± 0.5mm
    Total power supply   4.5kw 5.5kw  5.5kw 
    Machine weight  1800kg  2000kg  2300kg 

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